Eranshahr’s encounter with Christianity

Christianity is certainly not the first thing that comes to ones mind when Iran is mentioned. But the cult has had a long history there, and the extent of Christian subversion in Pre-Islamic Iran is an understudied topic. From the faith of captured Roman soldiers and traitors to that of the King of Kings’ innerContinue reading “Eranshahr’s encounter with Christianity”

Master Xun, Words and Purva Mimamsa

A guest post by Atreya Master Xun is one of the earliest sources on a Chinese theory of language. While it is part of an already established tradition, he presents this theory with a personal twist. In general, it is extremely practical at the societal level with his focus being on properly setting the WayContinue reading “Master Xun, Words and Purva Mimamsa”

Ketchup – A metaphor for modernity

Imagine A: A young male bachelor, laying on a sofa and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on HBO alone, while eating takeout dinner. Imagine B: A religious-minded family, offering prayers , before eating their lunch together. Who is more likely to have ketchup on their plate?And why is the answer always A? Ketchup, quite surprisingly, has Chinese origins,Continue reading “Ketchup – A metaphor for modernity”

Poetry and Civilisation

A guest post by Atreya @PVNARVASV Poetry has long been appreciated for its aesthetic qualities. Its ability to capture the human experience is unparalleled and its many forms have been utilised since time immemorial to elevate the human condition. Much underappreciated, however, is the role poetry plays in shaping, and further directing, Civilisation itself. OneContinue reading “Poetry and Civilisation”

The Final Pagan Generation

Life in 4th Century Rome Note: Overlap in Emperors is due to the fact that the duo divided the Empire into the western and eastern halves and ruled separately Introduction An overview of the Traditional religion in the Empire Constantine –  a beginning of the push Education – good living, sound learning, forceful speaking TheContinue reading “The Final Pagan Generation”

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